Smiling Buddha Yaks - Peter Hackett and Ruth Higdon

Peter Hackett + Ruth Higdon

Peter Hackett is a physician specializing in emergency medicine. Peter is also a world expert in altitude medicine.  He lived many years in the Himalayas and founded a clinic near the base camp of Everest. He became interested in yaks during his years in Nepal. While in the Khumbu region of Nepal he adopted 3 Sherpa children Pasang, Namgyal and Yangee. His son Tashi has learned yak herding at the Smiling Buddha Yaks Ranch.

Ruth Higdon is a physician specializing in woman’s cancer surgery. Ruth starting raising yaks 10 years ago while living in Talkeetna, Alaska.  She helped lead yak supported pack trips in the mountains of Alaska. She is a pilot and has learned to saddle and pack yaks from the Sherpa climbers who lived with her each summer.

Smiling Buddha Yaks Ranch is also the home of Carlos the camel and Khata the wonderdog!